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  1. I agreein principal with the two contributors above, however, consider this; a level crossing is essentially a cross road, a crossroad which has cars travelling in one direction only able to travel at 30mph with a stopping distance of just a few yards on today’s cars, whilst trains can cross in the other direction at up to 70mph with a stoping distance of over half a mile!
    It is about time trains were made to travel at speeds that reflect their overall stopping distance in the same way cars have to.

    • If every level crossing had to be approached at a speed that allowed trains to stop in case someone had driven through when the road was closed to cars, the rail network would grind to a halt. The journey times would double, triple or even worse. This happens on the rare occasions when a level crossing equipment fails and causes severe disruption to commuters and everyone.

  2. Tina – I have just listened to your piece on Radio 5 Live and the technology used to warn pedestrians of approaching trains.

    Surely pedestrians should be LOOKING and LISTENING BEFORE they cross? SURELY an approaching train is OBVIOUS to any pedestrian? Everyone bears SOME responsibility for they own safety?

    Graham Hankins


  3. Dear Tina,

    I have tried to put a comment on your page but it is not appearing.

    I feel that you are being used in a cynical way by NR to promote its crossing closures.

    From our experinece here NR is interested in closing all crossings irrespective of whether this increases or reduces risks to users. In our case it increases risks and reduces amenity and the local community is devastated by the closure and very disappointed to find that you are givng it your support on the BBC without speaking to any of the people adversely affected by what you support, or apparently even knowing about the real implications.

    So I am sure you will understand that we feel that our comments on your position on this should not be blocked – it adds to the pervasive manipulation of the facts we get from NR.

    If you have any control over your web page I hope you will ensure that our view is given space.

    I recognise the terrible loss you have suffered, and have thought a lot about that. It could be good if equally effective but risk free alternative ways of crossing could be put in place, but in the absence of that possiblity closures also kill, and as the HSE, like many parents, recognises that a risk-free world is an illusion and children need real-risk contexts in which to learn.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nick Tregenza

    retired GP

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