New UN video to promote level crossing safety

In May 2013 I was invited to speak at a UN conference in Geneva along with Network Rail and the Rail Safety Standards Board from the UK about the work being done in the UK to reduce the risk at level crossings. Compared to other countries, we have one of the lowest number of accidents and fatalities when considering the size of our rail network. It was very interesting to hear what other countries are doing to reduce risk but also to get a flavour of the cultures and attitudes to lives lost.

One significant difference across Europe is that often the highway authorities are also responsible – not just the railway which appears to be the case in the UK. A shift in emphasis to working in partnership with local authorities about level crossings might make closure and upgrades more efficient.

The UN ECE commissioned a short film and asked me to be involved – this is aimed at all stakeholders and will be launched at the International Level Crossing Awareness Day on 3 June. You can watch the video here.

3 thoughts on “New UN video to promote level crossing safety

  1. Hi, I just returned to see if there was a response to my earlier reply about European practices, but it doesn’t seem to have been posted? Was it lost?

  2. Hello Tina, I’m interested in the wider European approach. You mentioned that in other countries the highway authorities and Councils tend to work with the Rail authorities around level crossings – which seems really sensible as all these systems are linked-up and its the same people using them. Are there any documents or websites that discuss these different approaches in a little more detail? Do you think we should move toward this partnership approach here? Thanks. Jane

    • Hello Jane

      The UNECE, who commissioned the film, have regular meetings to promote best practice in level crossing safety in Europe and globally. You could check them out on line. I will see if I can find out more and let you know.


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